Thomas Burgess


Spelled variously, Albany resident Thomas Burgess was born within a few years of 1760. We seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany. Perhaps he was the son or other kin of Albany resident John Burgess. A number of same named contemporaries appear to be at risk in the region as well.

Based on baptism records, Mary Geyel/Guyer (1763-1823) was the mother of his children. Their son was christened at St. Peter's Episcopal church in April 1788. A Thomas Burgess was confirmed there in September 1791. Their lives appear to have been associated with St. Peters.

In April of 1788, he was granted a license to operate a "public inn or tavern in Albany for one year." A month later, first ward resident Burgess complained that his neighbors were "encroaching on his lot" and [he] requested that the city measure the street bounding on his property.

In 1790, the census of the first ward configured his household with a boy, two older males, and two females. His household was listed next to that of John Geyer. Two years before, the real and personal properties of "John Burgess" were valued on the first ward assessment roll. In 1799, his lot (but no real property) in the second ward was assessed modestly.

During the 1790s, he appears to have been trading in tobacco products with "Caldwell & Pearson." Stephen Van Rensselaer's account book also identifies him as a frequent client.

Beyond/after that, this subject has not been found in community-based records.

Thomas Burgess died in November 1812 and was buried in the Episcopal burial ground. He had lived 55 years and almost 10 months. On November 24, 1812 the Albany Register noted that Thomas Burgess "DIED. On the 10th inst. At the first gate, between Albany and Schenectady."

His widow "Mary, died (p.279) in September 1823 at the age of sixty." She also was buried in the Episcopal plot. We seek defining information on her origins and path to Albany as well.

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