Pieterje Bradt Dean
Stefan Bielinski

Pieterje Bradt was born in 1756. She was the daughter of Albany shipwright Anthony E. Bradt and his wife Maria Van Alstyne.

In 1773, she was just sixteen when she married recently arrived mariner Stewart Dean. The couple soon settled in Albany - ultimately in a riverside house near that of Pieterje's parents. Three children were baptized in the Albany Dutch church between 1778 and 1783.

The baptism of her son Pieter on December 14, 1783 was a sad event as the record stated that Pieterje was "deceased." She had died following the child's birth on October 23. Pieterje had just passed her twenty-seventh birthday. Following his return from China in 1787, Stewart Dean re-married and lived another fifty years!


the people of colonial Albany The life of Pieterje Bradt Dean is CAP biography number 4271. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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first posted: 8/15/01