Pieter Bogardus


Pieter Bogardus was baptized in New Amsterdam in April 1645. He was the son of Everardus and Anneke Jans Bogardus. His father was the community's Dutch Reformed minister and his mother was a prominent widow. The domine died unexpectedly in 1647 and Anneke Jans took her children upriver to Beverwyck where she died in 1663. Her will, filed in 1663, left him a share of her substantial estate.

Pieter's wife was Wyntie Cornelisz Bosch whom he may have married in 1665. By 1691, the marriage had produced eight children who were christened at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member and regular baptism sponsor.

In 1679, his name appeared on a census of Albany householders. Although also called a "glazier" and a "mariner," his community standing would place him among Albany's businessmen. He was a magistrate during the 1670s and was elected first ward alderman in 1693. He often performed contract services for Albany organizations that included repairing windows in the poor house in 1667. In 1697, his home was configured on the census of Albany householders. In 1699, he signed an oath of allegiance to the king of England. In 1702, his first ward home was valued on the assessment roll. He appears to have left Albany shortly thereafter. However, his pasture land still was noted on the Albany assessment roll in 1709.

Stating that he was a resident of Kingston, Pieter Bogardus filed a will in February 1703. He probably died about 1703. It named his widow and three sons (but no daughters) as heirs. However, Wyntie was deceased when the will was probated in Ulster County in 1714. Son Evert then was named to administer the estate.

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