Owen Bennett


From information on his gravestone, we know that Owen Bennett was born in Ireland in about 1723.

Beginning in 1766, his first ward house and property were valued on Albany assessment rolls. In 1767, he was listed on the roster of an Albany militia company.

In November 1770, his account with the Albany government for sixteen shillings was ordered to be paid. His name is otherwise absent from pre-war Albany rolls.

April 1776, he complained to the Albany Committee that he had been taken prisoner because a Continental soldier charged him with being a deserter. He said that he had been "insulted and threatened" and kept under guard overnight. The committee ordered him released and requested that the army should appear before it to show proof of Bennett's crime. Nothing further on the case was found in the committee's records.

In 1788, his modest holdings included an assessment of the personal property of John Bennett. The census of 1790 configured his first ward household - locating him on or near Court Street.

In 1799, the name of an Owen Bennett appeared on an Albany poor list. In 1800, an aging Owen and a younger woman were listed on the census in a first ward household.

He probably was married but we have not found information about his wife.

Owen Bennett died in March 1802 and was buried in the Catholic Church cemetery. He had lived seventy-nine years.

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first posted: 4/10/07