Nicholas Barrington


Albany resident Nicholas Barrington may have been born in the 1720s. Several possible origins in Britain, the American South, and New England have Internet presences.

In 1748, a New York newspaper noted that "Nicholas Barrington was [sic] school master at Flower Hill [Manhasset, Long Island]"; but in 1757 he was in New York where he "taught youth to write the usual hands, arithmetic in both kinds, with the extraction of the roots, as, also, navigation and merchants' accounts, after the Italian manner." He also advertized that he performed "writings for gentlemen."

Perhaps he was the same-named individual who received a New York marriage license with Anna Van Pelt in 1757. Or perhaps, a different (younger) Nicholas Barrington was married to a woman named Eunice and, during the 1790s, was christening their children at St. Peter's in Albany.

From the 1760s on, Nicholas Barrington was a member and supporter of St. Peter's Anglican church. However, a note near his name in the microfilmed church records stated that "the last subscriber was once clerk, but was turn'd out of of his office for being guilty of almost Every Vice."

In 1766 and '67, his second ward property was valued on the city assessment roll. In March 1779, his real estate holdings (house and lot but not personal property) were valued modestly. Also noted on that roll was the combination of "Babbington & Lansing."

In September 1784, the Albany newspaper noted that: "Nicholas Barrington opened a school at the house opposite to Mr. Burgess's, money being very scarce, at the low prices of 10, 12 and 14s. per quarter, for spellers, writers and scypherers, and three pounds for bookkeeping and navigation."

In 1790, his second ward household included Barrington and three females.

From 1799 to 1801, his name appeared on a city records list of "permanent poor" with his wife, "Eunice." They were scheduled to receive financial bequests.

Absent from the Albany census in 1800, Nicholas Barrington dropped off of the community-based record after 1802. We seek information on his possible connection to Albany resident Lewis Barrington who died in 1797.

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first posted: 1/25/09