Mary Brouwer Munro


Mary Brouwer was born in October 1738. She was the daughter of Schenectady residents Cornelis and Cornelia Barheit Brouwer. She grew up as the youngest child in the small family of a Mohawk Valley agrarian businesssman.

In April 1760, she married newcomer and widower John Munro at the Dutch church in Schenectady. Their son was christened there in October 1768. Her marriage to a somewhat older man is said to have ultimately produced at least six children. However, they do not appear in the available records of the Albany churches. Their last son appears to have been born in Montreal in 1781.

In August 1765, she was identified as the wife of Albany merchant Munro and named to inherit twenty (or 120) pounds in the will filed by her father.

A discharged soldier, Munro was a British-connected, regional trader with bases in Albany and elsewhere. He also was a British subject and was known to not be a supporter of the crusade for American liberties.

During the 1770s, Munro re-located his family to his lands in the Hoosick Valley and left Mary and the children there when he joined the British military forces. Sometime thereafter, they joined him in Canada. These Munros finally settled in Ontario. We are uncertain regarding Mary's subsequent contacts with her Brouwer kin.

These Munros were living in Canada when John Munro died in October 1800. Perhaps the widow moved in with one of her adult sons. Mary Brouwer Munro died in Morrisburg, Ontario in 1815.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Mary Brouwer Munro is CAP biography number 467. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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