John A. Bradt


Albany resident John A. Bradt was christened in October 1737. He was the son of Anthony and Rebecca Vanderheyden Bradt. He grew up in the third ward home of a successful carpenter/building contractor.

Mostly, this youngest son was known as "John A. Bradt" to distinguish him from a number of similarly named individuals. However, we suspect that at least another contemporary also was known as "John A. Bradt." At this point, we hesitate to assign more qualitative information to this individual's profile. Thus the roots of "John A. Bradt" who commanded a company of Rangers during the 1770s remain uncertain. This sketch will pursue the life of the following individual.

In September 1765, Johannes Brat "of the City" married Maayke Fonda "of the Col." at the Albany Dutch church. That union produced five children before her passing about 1777. In November 1778, he married Sara Wendell at the Dutch church in Schaghticoke. By 1798, six more children were christened in area churches. Thus, John A. Bradt would have been the father of at least eleven children. During both marriages, John A. Bradt was a regular baptism sponsor at the Albany church.

In 1768 or shortly thereafter, the name of "John A. Bradt" appeared on the roll of the Union Lodge (Masonic) in Albany. About that time, he also signed in at the Lodge in Johnstown.

In 1766 and '67, his house and property in the second ward were valued modestly. Subsequent assessment rolls for the next two decades do not seem to have listed his Albany holdings. However, in 1790, the second ward household of "John A. Bradt" was configured with a man, two boys, and one female.

After that, Albany resident "John A. Bradt" has not been encountered following our latest sweeps of the community and Internet based record. However, in March 1843, letters of administration were issued on the estate of "John A. Bradt" in Albany County.

Past diminishing returns, we move on for now from the life of the Albany native and resident known as John A. Bradt.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of John A. Bradt is CAP biography number 4354. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. IBS (12/29/17).

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BRADT, JOHN A.: Baptized March 22, 1741. A silversmith. On July 10, 1775, he was recommended to the Provincial Congress for the office of captain in the recruiting service. On February 13, 1776, while absent on a trading expedition to Canada he was favorably considered by the Committee of Safety for the captaincy of a troop to be raised in the district. When approached by two members of the Board regarding the possibility of his accepting the office his wife stated that ''she did not know when her husband would be home and that for her part she did not approve of his going into the army, though he always did as he pleased. She was of the opinion that he would not accept the commission [and] that he was ill used last year in that respect." This report evidently did not discourage the Board, for on the same day (February 14) he was assigned the captaincy in case the organization of the company could wait until his return. On April 10 Bradt had not yet returned and it was therefore decided to appoint Gerrit S. Veeder in his place. On May 7 he was elected a member of the third Committee of Safety, and on August 10 commissioned by the Provincial Congress captain of a company of State Rangers for service in apprehending Tories in Albany County. On October 26 he commanded a detachment for service at Coxsackie and on October 30 marched with his company to Tryon County under orders to report to Colonel Goose Van Schaick. From December 16, 1776, to January 15, 1777, he was stationed with his company at Fort Constitution and in January he petitioned Congress as the men complained that such duty was contrary to their terms of enlistment. On March 27 the company was ordered discharged. On April 19, he was granted a tavern license by the Committee of Safety. On May 20 the election of a new Board was held at his home.

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