John Boyd, Jr.


John Boyd, Jr. was born in October 1758. He was the first child born to the marriage of John and Ann Logan Boyd. Mostly distinguished as John Boyd, Jr., he was also referred to as "John L. Boyd."

In 1762, his father re-located their budding family to North America where, by the mid-1760s, they had become residents of city of Albany. Their family continued to grow in America ultimately including eight boys and a girl.

In March 1779, John Jr. married Mary (or Ann) Northrup. That union ultimately produced twelve children.

In 1779, his first ward holdings were valued moderately. In December, he was appointed replacement fireman for the first ward. However, by that time, young John Jr. was beginning to make his mark in the land north of the Mohawk at "Ballstown."

In April 1778, John Boyd, Jr. was one of a large number of inhabitants petitioning the governor for protection of the northern towns. Also in that year, he was identified as a "millwright" of Ballstown and was arrested, detained, and released by Continental troops. Traditional sources have called him a "moderate Tory."

By 1790, John Boyd Jr's. household was a feature of the Ballston census. (Probably another John Boyd [in addition to his father] was listed on the Albany census in the second ward). In 1792, he was the first supervisor of the town of Ballston.

Ten of his children are said to have been christened in Charlton (north of the Mohawk). However, one was baptized in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in 1782 and another in Niagara, Ontario in 1799.

John Boyd, Jr. is said to have died in Canada probably during the 1800s.

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