Jacob Bloomendal


Jacob Bloomendal was born in January 1759. He was the son of Albany residents Maas Jr. and Helena Schermerhorn Bloomendal. He grew up in a brazier's home in the first ward.

His wife was Margarita Ruller of Stone Arabia. Between 1783 and 1803, the marriage produced eight children who were christened at the Albany Dutch church.

Apparently, he was affiliated with the Albany militia. After the war, he was accorded a land bounty right for service under the Albany militia company.

By the 1780s, he was being paid in bushels of wheat for services to the Albany city government. In 1788, his personal property was valued under the house of his father. But, beginning in 1790, he was listed on first ward censuses as the head of a large Southside household at 46 Hudson Avenue. Into the 1820s, sometimes, city directories identified him as a mason.

Jacob Bloomendal's will passed probate in 1835.

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first posted: 1/15/07