Isaac H. Bogert


Isaac H. Bogert was born in September 1765. He was the middle son in the moderate-sized family of Hendrick and Barbara Marselis Bogert. He grew up in the riverside home of a skipper-turned-surveyor.

In 1788, he was a boarder in his father's first ward house. Perhaps, he had office space elsewhere in the first ward.

In January 1789, he married eighteen-year-old Catharina Visscher at the Albany Dutch church. Their daughter was born in December. Perhaps the marriage only produced one more child. In 1815, he was identified as an church elder

In 1796 and 1800, he served as a fireman in Albany.

In August 1797, he was living in the Montgomery Street house of Gerrit W. Van Schaick when it was among those destroyed during a great fire.

Between 1788 and 1813, his name is otherwise mostly absent from Albany rolls. He may have left Albany during this time.   Perhaps he re-located to New York

In 1813, Isaac Bogert was listed in the city directory as a resident of 77 Court Street. Subsequent directories further document his Albany residency at several addresses along North and South Market Street. He also was called "Colonel" Isaac H. Bogert.

According to his family bible record, Isaac H. Bogert died of apoplexy on September 22 1841. He was buried in the church cemetery. His widow passed in 1845.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Isaac H. Bogert is CAP biography number 6106. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Family information from his bible appears online.

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