Eunice Barrington


Eunice Barrington was the wife of Albany resident Nicholas Barrington. We seek information on her origins and background.

In April 1761, a Nicholas Barrington posted a notice in the New York Mercury that he would "not be responsible for debts she [his wife] may contract."

In June 1761, Eunice witnessed the baptism of her daughter at St. Peter's Anglican church.

In 1790, she probably was accounted for within the second ward household of her husband.

Beginning in 1799, her name and that of her husband appeared on lists of the so-called "permanent poor" and they were scheduled to receive support.

Eunice Barrington died sometime thereafter. We seek information on her later life and passing

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: Because we have not yet determined the origins of Eunice Barrington, we have yet to assign her a CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Without defining demographics, we recognize that this sketch is pre-mature.

first posted: 5/30/09