Engeltie Beekman Egberts
Stefan Bielinski

Engeltie Beekman probabaly was born during the first decade of the eighteenth century. From the names of her children, she may have been the daughter of Martin and Susanna Jans Beekman.

In February 1716, she married Teunis Metselaer [Egberts] at the Albany Dutch church. By 1736, her eleven children had been baptized in Albany.

The couple lived in Albany's third ward where Teunis was a freeholder, served as firemaster and constable, and was elected assistant alderman in 1722.

Following the baptism of her twins in June 1736, the name of Engeltie Beekman Egberts dropped from Albany rolls! Prior to that, she had witnessed a few baptisms at the Albany church. She also may have been the sister of Rachel Beekman.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Engeltie Beekman Egberts is CAP biography number 3909. This outline sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We recognize that her story has a number of loose ends and offer this sketch at this time to focus attention on her life.

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first posted: 7/5/04