Elizabeth Brouwer Dorr


Perhaps future Albany resident Elizabeth Brouwer was christened in March 1756. Tentatively then, she would have been the daughter of Dutchess County and Albany residents Nicholas and, his first wife, Mary Dutcher Brouwer.

In 1777, she was named as an heir in the will filed by her father.

Elizabeth was the wife of Elisha Dorr. Perhaps, they married in September 1796. Her marriage has not been found among the records of Albany's existing churches. Between 1797 and 1810, six children were christened in Albany. In 1804, she was listed among the members of the Albany Lutheran church. If the demographics given above are valid, her first child was born when she was thirty-one and the last when she was in her mid-forties.

By 1793, the Connecticut-born Dorr had become an Albany resident. In 1800, their budding family was configured on the second ward census.

These Dorrs were Albany mainstays at several locations for almost forty years. A number of their children became city residents.

Elizabeth Brouwer Dorr died in September 1837. Her husband survived until 1843.

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first posted: 5/30/09