Spelled and referred to variously (chiefly Bromley and Brumley), this page organizes information on the Bromley family of early Albany. These Albany mainstays probably found their roots in the greater British Isles and then migrated to New England.

Born prior to 1700, by the 1720s, one-time soldier John Bromley and his American-born wife had settled in Albany and were raising a family. His son and grandsons maintained a firm but finite presence in the city throughout the eighteenth century.

William (Billy) Bromley, was the principal family stakeholder over the middle half of the century.

In 1779, two parcels for Samuel Bromley were listed on the second ward assessment.

For the Revolutionary era, the names of five men spelled "Brumbley" or "Brumley" appeared on what appears to be a composite roster for the First Regiment of the New York Line.

Following the end of the war, Samuel Bromley's inn and holdings were prominent landmarks along upper Lion Street at the eastern end of the road to Schenectady.

In 1790, the household of Samuel Bromley was configured on the census. A decade later, David Bromley joined Samuel as second ward Albany householders.

In 1813, the first city directory noted two Bromley-named addresses including grocer David Bromley who does not appear to be connected to the first Albany Bromley.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Chief among the published traditional resources is The Bromley Genealogy: Being a Record of the Descendants of Luke Bromley of Warwick, R. I., and Stonington, Conn. by Viola Anette (Derby) Bromley (New York, 1911). This compendious work of more than 400 pages included much of the traditional information on the Albany Bromleys beginning with John the Albany patriarch. However, it does not appear to make a solid connection to the New England family that is its main subject. But, see references to the Albany Brumleys in that work.
        See also Brumly in PFS.

First Regiment of the New York Line: Printed on page 19 of the transformed document under "enlisted men" were the names: "Brumbly, John; Brumbly, William; Brumley, John; Brumley, Simon; Brumley, William." Perhaps two men were listed twice each.

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