Barent Albertse Bradt
Stefan Bielinski

Barent Albertse Bradt was born in Amsterdam, Holland and baptized in the Lutheran church there in October 1634. He was the first son born to Albert Andriesse and Anna Barents. He came to America with his parents in 1637.

Growing up on his father's Rensselaerswyck farm, he learned the mechanics of farming, milling, and trading. Those skills enabled him to represent his father and then establish himself in the new village of Beverwyck. About that time, he married Susanna Dircks - the mother of his eight children. The marriage suffered from Barent's intemperate behavior which led to several court appearances on battery and assault charges!

Barent derived his income from sawing - probably at his father's Normanskill mill. At the same time, he sought to take part in the fur trade. He sought acceptance in now Albany by joining the Dutch church. However, he found trading difficult as his family was fined several times for illegal trading.

Instead, Barent Albertse found success in real estate - acquiring several parcels and using boards cut at the Bradt mill to build houses in Albany and outside the stockade. By 1682, he was living outside the north gate. In 1684, his Albany taxes were in arrears. Fives years later, he was listed among the farmers employed by Marte Gerritse but was assessed no money for defense. Raising a large family, he also was the guardian of a number of related children and a frequent baptism sponsor for family members and neighbors.

By the 1690s, he had become an Albany mainstay. He served on juries and as firemaster and roadmaster. In 1697, Barent, Susanna, and one child were living in his Market Street house just outside the north gate. Assessment rolls for ensuing years place him among the moderately wealthy Albany householders.

He also acquired lots at Halfmoon and Schaghticoke. Barent Albertse Bradt disappeared from Albany rolls after 1712. His four sons further established the Bradt name in Albany and its hinterland.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Barent Albertse Bradt is CAP biography 4182. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Because his adult life was almost entirely within the Albany context, our research has generated substantial material. Nevertheless, we acknowledge with gratitude the substantial work of Peter R. Christoph.

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