Ariaantie Bradt O. Schermerhorn
Stefan Bielinski

Ariaantie Bradt was born about 1651. She was the daughter of New Netherland poineers Arent Andriesse and Cathalina De Vos Bradt. She grew up in the vicinity of Beverwyck and in Schenectady where her father was among the original patentees. Arent Andriesse died about 1663 and her mother re-married before Ariaantie was sixteen.

Her first husband was Schenectady resident Helmer Otten - who fathered at least one of her children before his early death. By 1676, she had married Ryer Schermerhorn - an emerging leader in the Schenectady community. In 1690, these Schermerhorns became refugees in Albany. In 1697, they had four children living in their Albany house. In 1699, she was named to share in the estate of her step father.

After 1700, Ariaantie Bradt Otten Schermerhorn returned with her husband to Schenectady live out the remainder of their lives. In 1717, she was named as Schermerhorn's prime beneficiary.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Ariaantie Bradt Otten Schermerhorn is CAP biography number 5454. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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first posted: 12/5/03