Andrew Bay


According to traditional ecclesastical resources, Andrew Bay was born in Ireland and is said to have been a weaver by trade. We seek more definitive information on his origins, formative years, and path to America.

He is said to have been ordained under the North Castle (Delaware) Presbytery in 1748. By that time, he already had settled at the Lower Marsh Creek Church in Pennsylvania where he remained until 1760.

Perhaps Andrew Bay did not marry as no supporting records have been encountered.

From 1760 to 1768, Bay served in Churchville Maryland. During that time, he undertook missions to Albany where he filled in for Reverend William Hanna who had removed to Schenectady to practice law and who later became an Anglican priest.

While never officially installed in Albany, Bay served at the Albany meeting house intermittently from about 1760 to 1773. Another source lists his tenure in Albany as from 1768 to 1773. He also provided missionary services to Scottish outliers to the west and north of Albany. While in Albany, he campaigned for funding to build a meeting house and attended regional Presbyterian conferences in the company of Albany's most prominent Presbyterians.

After that, he then relocated to Newtown, Long Island where he was characterized as "a broad Scotsman" who was "duly installed [as] pastor" and known as "a highly talented and eloquent preacher." However, by the end of May 1775, intemperate alcohol useage caused Bay to be dismissed (perhaps induced to resign) from his post at Newtown. He is said to have died shortly thereafter. His family managed to stay at the parsonage until it was destroyed during the war. After that, Bay's name has not been found in available historical records.

One-time Albany resident John Bay is said to have been his nephew.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Andrew Bay has not been assigned a CAP biography number. His life in Albany made little impression the community-based record. This sketch is derived chiefly from traditional sources. An online resource is among the more recent summaries of information on Bay's life.

first posted: 9/30/11