Albertus Bloomendal


Albertus Bloomendal was born in December 1735. He was the son of Albany residents Jacob Maase and Sara Gardinier Bloomendal. He had lost both of his parents by the time he was twenty years old.

In May 1756, he married Maria Ostrander at the Albany Dutch church. She died after giving birth to a daughter in October of that year. In August 1763, he married Anna Harsen. By 1785, their ten children had been christened at the Albany church.

His adult life seems to have been connected closely to that of his brother, Maas Bloomendal, Jr.. In 1761, they were bequeathed the house and lot where they then were living in the will of their uncle.

Beginning in 1766, his name began appearing on city assessment rolls describing his modest holdings in the second and then first wards. By 1788, the brothers had separated their housholds with Albertus living on upper State Street.

Like many members of his family, he was a brazier but was best known as the city watchman - first belonging to the "night watch" in 1770. Unlike his brother, his name was not associated with the Albany arms of the Revolutionary movement except that he did receive a land bounty right for service in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

During the 1780s and 90s, his name appeared on city rolls as a watchman, fireman, and as a freeholder living in the first ward. In 1800, his household still included three children.

Albertus Bloomendal died in July 1817. He was in his eighty-second year. His will passed probate later in July.

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