William Adams


William Adams was born in July 1753. He was the son of James and Margarita Hegman Adams. He grew up in a small family in the south Albany home of a marginal carman.

Before he died in October 1762, his father named him as the eldest son among the heirs listed in his will.

By 1776, William had married Hester Wills or Wilson. In 1776 and 1790, children were christened at the Dutch church in Albany.

Perhaps he was the William Adams who purchased property at Lansingburgh during the early 1770s.

In 1773, he first was appointed constable for the second ward but refused to serve. Named again, in 1774, he was identified as a non resident. In 1775, he was named constable for the third ward.

In 1779, his first ward property was accorded a modest assessment. In May of that year, the Albany Commissioners ordered him released on bail.

During the War, William Adams was identified as an enlisted member of the first and third regiments of the New York Line.

In 1790, two William Adams households were configured on the Albany County census (Cambridge and Schenectady).

In February 1792, William Adams made a complaint involving the widow Margaret Adams. At that time, he was identified as the son of the deceased James Adams.

Later, a "William Adams" was a prominent Albany merchant and officeholder.

We seek definitive information on the post-war life and passing of the early Albany resident named William Adams.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of William Adams is CAP biography number 7100. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 6/15/10