Jan Andriese (the Irishman)


Known in the Dutch language local court records as "de Iersman Van Dublingh," Jan Andriese lived and owned property in what became Albany County (chiefly at Catskill and its environs) during the 1640s, 50s, and afterwards.

He may have been the first person of Irish ancestry to settle in this region. At the same time, other similarly named individuals (including Jan Andriese de Cuyper) actually were Albany ciry residents. These men were known mostly by their patronymic as well and mostly were not of "Anglo" ancestry.

Traditional sources tell us that he first came to Beverwyck - maybe during the 1640s. But prior to 1660, had bought and sold farmland at the "Catskills." The known "facts" of his life have been chronicled faithfully by the first great historian of the Albany Irish.

We have not yet uncovered information on a possible wife or family.

This Jan Andriese (aka the Irishman) is said to have died in 1664. His estate was settled the following year. Thus, he would not be the householder appearing on city census taken in 1679.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jan Andriese is CAP biography number 7142. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

The principal source for this individual is the following paragraph copied from VRBM, p 837. It reads: "Jan Andriesz, from Dublin; testified Jan. 20, 1651, as to the killing of a cow and a horse of Thomas Chambers by the Indians in 1648 and 1649. He received a lease of a new farm, to be established north of de Steene hoeck, for the term of 6 years, beginning Sept. 1, 1649, but Dec. 21, 1649, the lease was transferred to Claes Teunisz. In 1656, he lived at Catskill and Feb. 20, 1659, a farm at Catskill, sold by him to Jan Dircksz, from Bremen, was conveyed by the latter to Eldert Gerbeertsz Cruyf."

NOTES copied from PFS: Andriese, Jan, "de IersmanVan Dublingh" alias Jantte [Johnny.] He settled in Beverwyck before 1645; afterward)* at Catskil where he bought land of Picter Bronck; in 1(157 he was complained of by Hans de Voe for selling brandy to the Indians at Catskll. He died in 1664. His bouwery contained 69 morgens besides a lot for a homestead.

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