Albany Freeholders - 1720

This transcription of a list of freeholders in the city of Albany taken in 1720 is an often-encountered resource that was transcribed and printed in The Documentary History of New York and available online. City freeholders are listed by ward.

First Ward

Evert Wendell
Jno Dunbar
Harmanis Wendell
Peter Van Brugh
Johannis Schuyler
Antoney Van Schaick
Mindert Schuyler
Antoney Van Schaick Sr.
Robert Livingston Jr
Tho. Williams
Coonrodt Tennyck
Joseph Yates Jr.
Jacob Roseboom
Jacob Staats
John Rosie
Wm. Hogan
Johannis Van Alen
Jacob Lansen
Baltis Van Bentheusen
Harmanis Ryckman
Fred. Mindertsen
Daniell Kelly
Johannis Vandenbergh
Joseph Vansante
Joseph Yeats Sr.
Winant Vanderpoel
John Kidney
Mindert Lansen
Obediah Cooper
Johannis Vansante
Matthews Flantsburgh
Tobias Ryckman
Peter Ryckman
Wm. Hilton
Johannis De Garmoe
Claes Van Woort
Henry Holland
John Collins
Hend. Halenbeek
Peter Gramoe
Johannis Ratclif
Luykas Hooghkirck
Hendrick Oothout
Nicholas Winegaert
Cornelis Vandyke
Johannis Lansen
Luykas Winegaert
Ryert Gerritse
Gose Van Schaick
Barent Egbertsen
Bastian Visser
Antoney Bregardes
Thomas Wendell
Johannis Tenbroeck
Antoney Coster
Danl Flantsburgh
Johannis Beekman
Johannis Wendell Jr.
Antoney Van Schaick Jr. (probably Anthony S. Van Schaick)
Phillip Livingston
Jacob Beekman
Revr'nd Thomas Barclay
David Grewsbeck
Stephanis Grewsbeck

Second Ward

Johannis Cuyler
Nicos. Bleeker
Abram. Cuyler
Warner Van Ivera
Reyner Mindertsen
Barent Sanders
Wm. Grewsbeck
Guisbert Marselis
Herpert Jacobsen
Arent Pruyn
Johannis Hansen
Seibolet Brigardes
David Van Dyke
Johannis Vinhagen
Abram Kip
Cornelis Schermerhorn
Hendrick Tennyck
Johannis Beekman Sr.
Gerrit Lansen
Issack Kip
Nanning Visser
Hendrick Roseboom
Mindert Roseboom
Andries Nach
Jan. Janse Bleeker
Johannis Bleeker
Christofell Yeats
Phillip Wendell
Jan Lansen
Gerrit Roseboom
Cornelis Van Scherline
Johans. Evertse Wendell
Abram. Lansen
Johannis Roseboom
John Hogan
Johannis Visser
Benj. Egbertsen
Johannis Grewsbeck
Claes Funda
Wm. Jacobsen

Third Ward

Isaac Funda
Samuell Babington
Gerrit Van Ness
Albert Ryckman
Cornelis Borghaert
Jacob Borghaert
Johannis Hun
Phillip Van Vechten
Lenord Gansivoort
Jan. Evertsen
Evert Janse
Jacob Evertse
Jno. Solomonse
Hendrick Hansen
Abram. Schuyler
Derrick Brat
Johannis Van Ostrande
Johannis Evertsen  [the elder Jan Evertse accounted for above]
Tunis Egbertsen
Derrick Tenbroeck
David Schuyler
Winant Vandenbergh
Takel Derrickse
Johannis Backer
Thomas Long
John Gerritse
Elbert Gerritse
Issac Borghaert
Cornelis Maasse
Jan Maasse
Barnt Brat
Jacob Borghaert Jr.
Jacob Visser
Jacobus Luykasse Winegaert
Johannis Pruyn
Wessell Tenbroeck
Peter Winne
Jacob Muller
Johannis Muller
Samll. Pruyn
Reuben Ven Vechten
Cornlis Switzs
Guisbert Vandenbergh
Teirck Harminse Visser
Tunis Brat
Peter Walderom
Rutger Bleeker
Harpert Vandeusen


Freeholders are qualified voters. In other words, this list represents a portion of the male householders who were counted as eligible to vote. Other free, adult, male, property owners are not on this list. A voter list is much less comprehensive than a census document.

List transcribed and printed in DHNY volume 1: 370-71 (octavo size). This list was made "Pursuant to an Order of Court of Judicature held for the Province of New York on the Eleventh Day of June 720. Directed to Gerrit Van Schaick high Sherrif of the City and County of Albany; A Returne of the free holders of the said City and County." Signed: Gerret Vanschaijck Sheriff

Jan Lansen: Probably a reference to second ward assistant alderman Johannes Lansing, Jr. and not to his father, the very wealthy but aged Jan Lansing.

In addition to the initial transcription and printing via Google Books, the countywide list is found on the web in a variety of places. It also lists freeholders from the other districts of Albany County. The original manuscript is in the colonial documents at the New York State Archives. A page from the manscript appears below.

Albany Freeholders - 1720 page 1

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