Storm Vanderzee
Stefan Bielinski

Family tradition holds that Storm Vanderzee was born on the ship that carried his family to America in 1636-37. He was the second son of Norwegian ancestry New Netherland pioneers Albert Andriese and Anna Van Rotmers Bradt.

Growing up on the Normanskill, by the mid-1650s he was trading lumber, furs, and tobacco in New Amsterdam - probably on his father's behalf. In 1662, he obtained a lot and then a house in Beverwyck. Thereafter, he settled in Albany - forming a number of trading partnerships, opening a tavern, and marrying Hilletie Lansing. The marriage produced several children. By that time, he had adopted the surname "Vanderzee" - the name used by his descendants.

Running a tavern and other enterprises frequently brought him before the Albany magistrates. In February 1679, Storm and Hilletie filed a joint will. It stated that he was sick but she was well. He was listed on a census of householders made a month later. In May, another legal document stated that Storm Vanderzee had died at age forty-two. His two sons carried on the family name in the city of Albany.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Storm Vanderzee is CAP biography 4184. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. It also relies on Peter R. Christoph, A Norwegian Family in America, which includes biographical profiles of each of the Norwegians' children, 117-25.

Vanderzee's court appearances are chronicled by Christoph, Norwegian Family, 16-25.

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first posted: 6/20/02