Will of Wynant van der Poel - 1695

Will of Wynant van der POEL, late of Albany City, now of New York.

Son Malegardt (Melchior) and son in-law William van der Bergh.

Real and personal estate.

Executor Wm. van der Bergh.

Witnesses Heyman Coninck of N. Y., bricklayer, Peter Bogart and William Huddleston of N. Y. City, gentleman.

Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., p. 81.



Will February 29, 1695. Probated April 17, 1702. Printed in Calendar of Wills, #1971.

Transformed from an online printing by SB. Abstract or copy not found in AW or during a sweep of IRS made in 2013.

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first posted: 9/10/13