Will of Ryer Gerritse - 1747

GERRETSEN, Ryer, of Albany City.

Wife Geertruy, cousins Hendrick, son of Elbert Gerretsen, Gerardus, son of Stefanus Groesbeck, John Lansingh, Gerret Lansing, Peter Lansing and Philipp Lansing.

Real and personal estate.

Executor bro. John Lansing.

Witnesses John Beasley, Henry van Dyck and John de Peyster.

Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., p. 229.



Will dated August 10, 1747. Probated November 4, 1752. Printed in Calendar of Wills, #754.

Transformed from an online resource by SB

Philip Lansing was eighteen when the will was filed.

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