Will of Rutger Arentsen, shoemaker - 1679

In the name of God, Amen. Know all men by the contents of this present public instrument that in the year after birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1679, the 30th day of the month of June, before me, Adriaen van Ilpendam, notary public residing in New Albany (appointed by the Right Honorable Edmond Andros in behalf of his Royal Highness James, Duke of York, governor general over all his territories in America) and before the after named witnesses, came and appeared the worthy Rutgert Arentsz Schoemaker, born in the Twent at Denekamp, well known to me, the notary, being still reasonably sound of body, walking and standing, and having perfect use and command of his facilities, reason, memory and understanding; which appearer, considering the shortness and frailty of human life, the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time and hour thereof, desiring therefore to dispose of his temporal effects to be left behind while he yet (through Godís grace) is able, as he does of his own free will and inclination, without persuasion or misleading of any person, has now ordained and determined this his last will and testament in form and manner following:

First and foremost commending his immortal soul (whenever it shall be separated from his body) to the gracious and merciful hands of God, his Maker and Savior, and his body to a Christian burial; at the same time revoking, annulling and canceling hereby all and every such testamentary disposition, he therefore may have made and executed , holding the same as null and of no effect, and now making a new disposition, he therefore declares that he has nominated and instituted, as he hereby does, his brothers and sisters, or his brothersí and sistersí children in their fathersí or mothersí place, to wit, his brother Jan Scholten, dwelling in the Twent at Denekamp, and the children left by his late brother Lambert Aertsz, and the children left by his late brother Aleff Aertsz, as also his sister Gebbeck Aerts D. and his sister Aeltie Aerts D. as the sole and universal heirs to all the property or monies to be left behind in this country as well as elsewhere, each to share therein equally with the others, and the testator declares expressly that there is due to him from Heyndrick Jurriaensz Schilt, flax dealer, dwelling at Amsterdam in the St Nicolaes street, the sum nine hundred guilders, the obligation for which is in the hands of the worthy Jan Ahuya, wine merchant, dwelling on the corner of the New Vysel street at Amsterdam;

furthermore the testator hereby gives special and general power to Adriaen Gerritsz van Papendorp to settle the estate to be left behind and to turn over to the aforesaid lawful heirs or their attorneys the proceeds from the sale of the effects to be left behind, provided that the said Mr. Adriaen Gerritsz shall receive a proper compensation for the services to be rendered by him.

All that is hereinbefore written the testator declares to be his last will and testament, desiring that after his death the same may have full force and virtue, whether as testament, codicil, donation, gift in anticipation of death, or otherwise as may be most appropriate, although some formalities demanded by law and usage may not have been fully observed herein, desiring the utmost benefit to be enjoyed herefrom, and that one or more instruments hereof in proper from may be made, to serve as occasion may require.

Thus done and executed in New Albany at the house of Mr. Adriaen Gerritsz van Papenforp and by the appearer with his own land subscribed in presence of Mr Andries Teller and Mr Johannes Provoost, magistrates of this place, the year, month and day aforesaid.

Rut Arentzen

In my presence, Adriaen Van Ilpendam, Not. Pub.

From Abstracts of Wills, vol 25, p66:

Whereas RUTGER AERTS, an Inhabitant of the Towne of Albany, did, in his will appoint his brothers and sisters or their children executors. That is, his brother John Sholden, living at Trent, in Denokamp in Holland. The children of his brother Lambert Aerts, deceased, and the children of his brother Aloff Aerts, deceased, and his sisters Rebecca and Aeltie, and making Adrian Gerrits Van Popersdorf executor in Trust, and the will having been proved November 4 last, the same was confirmed January 14, 1679/80.


Will dated June 30, 1679. Probated November 4, 1679. Printed in Early Records of Albany volume 3, pp. 479-81.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 5/20/07