Will of Margaret Schuyler - c. 1707

In the name of God, Amen. I, Margaret Schuyler, widow of Phillip Schuyler, sometime of Albany, merchant, being of sound mind, and considering that there having been some unhappy differences among my children; the youngest of them being apprehensive that by the strict rules of the common law, the will made by my said husband and myself on May 1st, 1683, might not be authentick enough to make such equal division among our eight children. But that Peter Schuyler, eldest son of my deceased husband, Peter Schuyler [probabaly meant Philip P.], might be entitled to all of the real estate. Yet, not thinking that my son, Peter Schuyler, would himself endeavor to take any such advantage, he being present at the making of said will. I give to each of our 8 children an equal part of all real and personal estate. And I being further willing to dispose of the real and personal estate, which, by of my husband.

And my son Peter, at my request, being agreed with the seven other children, by deed, dated August 16, 1707, by which all further differences among them are prevented, I do give to my eight children, Gertruy, Alida, Peter, Arent, Phillip, Johanes, and Margaret, and to the three children of my son Brant Schuyler, namely: Phillip, Oliver, and Johanes, all my estate, real and personal. Provided always, that my son Phillip shall have the farm called the Flatts, with the utensils, he paying therefor, the sum of 600, to the rest. And they are all to pay an equal part of 9 bushels of good merchantable wheat yearly, to the Patroon or Lord of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck. Mentions "Cornelia Schuyler, widow of my son Brant Schuyler."

I make my sons, Peter and Johanes, and my son in law, Robert Livingston, husband of my daughter Allida, executors.

Signed and sealed in Albany in my dwelling house.

Witnesses, Iona Rumney, Anthony Caster, John Dunbar.

Proved in Albany, June 27, 1711, before William Van Rensselaer, Esq., and of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas.


Will dated sometime after August 16, 1707. Probated June 27, 1711. Printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. II (for 1893), pp.73-74.

Transformed by from an online printing by SB. Some paragraphing and punctuation supplied.

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