Will of
Jurriaen Teunissen Tappen and Wybrecht Jacobs, his wife

In the name of God, Amen. Know all men [by these presents] that on this day, the 17th of March 1661, about ten o’clock in the forenoon, before me, Dirck van Schelluyne, notary public, and before the hereinafter named witnesses, personally came and appeared the worthy Jurriaen Theunisz and Wybrecht Jacobsz’s daughter, married persons, dwelling in Beverwyck (known to me, the notary, and the subscribing witnesses), the aforesaid Jurriaen Theunisz being in bodily health and said Wybrecht Jacobsz lying sick in bed, but both of sound and disposing mind as outwardly appeared; with persons declared that without inducement, persuasion or influence of any one they had made, ordained and concluded this their joint reciprocal and mutual last will and testament, in manner following:

First, committing their immortal souls, whenever they shall be separated from their bodies to the gracious and merciful hands of God, their Maker and Redeemer, and their bodies to a Christian burial, revoking, canceling and annulling hereby all and every testamentary dispositions which they heretofore may jointly and severally have made and executed and now disposing anew, they the testators, inasmuch as they have no children procreated by them living, hereby nominate and institute the survivor of the two as their sole an universal heir to all their estate, real and personal, claims and credits, gold and silver coined and uncoined, jewels, clothing, linen and woolens, households furniture, etc., nothing reserved or excepted of what shall be left behind by the one who dies first, to do therewith as with his or her own property, provided that if the testator happens to die, first the testatrix shall be holden to pay as a legacy to Theunis Pietersz, the testator’s sister’s son, the sum of one hundred guilders Holland money, and if the testatrix happens to die the first, the testator shall pay as a legacy to Jacob Cornelisz and Grietie Machielsz, the testatrix’ brother’s and sister’s children, each the sum of fifty guilders also Holland money; and furthermore the survivor shall give to the deacons of the village of Beverwyck the sum of five and twenty guilders sewan out of the first available means of the first deceased of the two.

All of which that is hereinbefore written the testators declare to be their last will and testament, desiring that the same after the death of the first of them both shall have full force and effect, be it as a will, codicil, donation, or gift in anticipation of death, or otherwise, as the same can best be carried out, even though the formalities demanded by law or custom may not have been fully observed herein.

Thus done and executed in Beverwyck in N: Netherland, at the house of the testators, in the presence of the Rev. Domine Gideon Schaets, minister of the gospel here, and Mr Jacob de Hinsse, Chirurgeon, as witnesses hereto called.

Jureyan Tunsen



Will dated March 17, 1661. No probate date given. Printed in Early Records of Albany volume 3, pp. 58-59

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 5/20/07