Will of Jacob Schermerhorn - 1760

In the name of God, Amen, November 19, 1760. I, Jacob Schermerhorn, of the Manor of Livingston, in Albany County. I order all debts paid.

I leave to my sons, Cornelius, Jacob, Tunis, and William, all my estate in the Manor of Livingston. I leave to my son Hendrick 5 shillings. To my daughter Neeltie, wife of Jacobus Radcliff, 5 shillings. To my daughter Polly, wife of Jewon (?) Hallenbeck, of Clavrack, 5 shillings, in full of all claim they may make. My son Marten is to be maintained during his life. I make my sons, Jacob, Thomas, and William, executors.

Witnesses, Dirck Jansen, Elias Hasbrook, Peter Radcliff.



Will dated November 19, 1760. Proved, July 13, 1761. Printed in Abstract of Wills, (vol 6), 99-100.

Transformed from an online source by SB

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first posted: 6/20/11