Will of Douwe Winne - 1774

WINNE, Douwe, of Albany City.

Brothers Daniel and Francis Winne, sister Dirickje, wife of Guy Young, nieces Rebecca, da. of bro. Francis, Rachel, da. of bro. Jellis.

Real and personal estate (a large bible and a large picture).

Executors sister Dirickje Young, Wouter Knickerbacker and Abrm. ten Broeck.

Witnesses Leonard Gansevoort, Elbert Willett and John ten Broeck.

Albany Co. Records, Wills, I., part 2, p. 15.



Will October 12, 1774 . Probated February 21, 1775. Printed in Calendar of Wills, entry #2137.

Douw Winne had witnessed Rachel's christening in December 1771.

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first posted: 9/11/09