Will of Anthony Ten Eyck - 1775

In the name of God, Amen. I Anthony Ten Eyck of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck, in Albany County, being weak in body.

I leave to my son Coenraedt, one-half of a certain lot in Coeyman's Patent, known by the name of the Cruple Bush, which contains 140 acres. And also so much of the land laid out by John R. Bleecker into two lots sometime in September, 1767, and adjoining to said Cruple Bush, as with the said half lot will make 200 acres. I also leave him "my watch, buttons and apparell, arms, sword, ammunition, buckles and my Large Dutch Bible."

Whereas I received £700 from my wife at our marriage, for which I gave a bond to Theodorus Van Wyck and Dirck Brinkerhoff of New York, of which I have paid £200, my executors are to pay the rest. And whereas I also gave them a bond to pay to my wife £60 yearly for life, in lieu of dower, my executors shall pay the same.

I leave to my daughters, Catharine and Susan, a "small lot on the north side of Coeyman's Creek, near the bridge"; Also a lot called the Bogertie (Little Orchard), and a lot called the Plantations.

My executors are to sell enough to pay all debts.

My two daughters are to be maintained until my daughter Susan is 21, and the children of my late daughter Sarah are to be maintained until of age.

I leave all the rest to my son Coenrad, and to my daughters Gertie, Catharine, and Susan, and to the children of my daughter Sarah, deceased. What I have advanced to my children is to go towards their shares.

I make my son Conrad and my daughters, Catharine and Susan, executors.

Dated April 24, 1775. Witnesses James Waldron, blacksmith, Wilhelmus Douw, David McCarty, merchant.

Proved, June 20, 1775.

[Editor's Note. -- The daughter Sarah was widow of ____ Ernest. The daughter Gertie married William D. Faulkner. -- W.S.P.]


Will printed in Abstract of Wills, vol. 31, pp. 287-88. Some paragraphing supplied.

Transformed from an online resource by SB

Wife: This paragraph contains his only references to his second wife, Margarita Van Wyck (the widow of Brandt Schuyler). Otherwise, she is not considered in this will.

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