The Promised Land

From Mississippi to the South End to Rapp Road

The Rapp Road Story

February 2000

1920s - Mother Resper and Mother Black hold meetings at the Union Baptist Church.

1927 - Reverend Louis Parson comes from Mississippi to begin ministry in Albany.

1930 - Louis Parson and William Tolliver purchase first tract of Pine Bush land.

1933 - Parson and wife purchase another tract.

1937-57 - Rev. Jack Johnson "rescues" more than 100 people from Shubuta.

1939 - Ten members of the Woodard family arrive in Albany on a Greyhound Bus.

1940 - Rev. Parson dies and elder Wm. Wilborn becomes pastor at 79 Hamilton Street.

1943 - Rapp Road first settled by Shubuta people.

1944 - Alfred Woodard and family move to Rapp Road (Emma Woodard born).

1945 - Willie Mc Cann purchased wooded lot there.

1957 - first annual Woodard-Mc Cann family reunion held on Rapp Road.

1971 - Washington Avenue Extension opened.

1978 - still no sewers or city water! Emma Woodard builds home at 28 Rapp Road.

1984 - Crossgates Mall opens.

1980s - ARC built on old Franklin property at 21 Rapp Road.

1990 - Emma Woodard Dickson opens First Steps Childcare Center.

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