Biographies of Eighteenth-Century
New Yorkers

- panel and publications programs -
for 2000-2001

organized by
Stefan Bielinski

This initiative is based on a need for individual biographical portraits of "interesting" but under understood characters in the history of early New York.

The parameters for inclusion are that subjects lived for a substantial part of their lives during the long eighteenth-century and in the colony or state of New York.

At the "Researching New York" conference in November, six historians presented short (ten minute) papers on John Henry Lydius, James Caldwell, Elizabeth Schuyler Sanders, John Gordon Macomb, Henry Cruger, and William Seton. Those profiles stimulated lively discussion with a number of individuals coming forward with potential subjects of their own. Those papers are in close to final form and constitute a substantial foundation for a book that might be called Biographies of Eighteenth Century New Yorkers. At this point, we might envision monographic works for academic and popular publication!

The next step appears to be to organize another panel of early New York biographies to be presented at the Conference on New York State History to be held at Wells College in June 2001. Six different papers of similar stature would provide another large portion of the book in progress.

So proposals are hereby solicited for the Wells conference. Perhaps those listed below will submit a brief proposal. Moderators and commentators are needed also!

Stay tuned for: "Portraits and Paintings of Eighteenth-Century New Yorkers!"

Beyond that, additional biographies, biographers, and potential contacts are still solicited. For more information, contact Stefan Bielinski.


Biographies of Eighteenth Century New Yorkers

University at Albany, SUNY - November 17, 2000

moderator: Graham R. Hodges, Colgate University


Stefan Bielinski, Colonial Albany Social History Project, "John Henry Lydius: Frontier Legend"

Tricia Barbagallo, Hartgen Archeological Associates, "James Caldwell: Immigrant Entrepreneur"

Aileen B. Agnew, Southern Maine University, "Elizabeth Schuyler Sanders: Wife and Businesswomen"

Joseph F. Meany, New York State Museum, "John Gordon Macomb: Merchant and Redcoat"

Edward H. Knoblauch, the Encyclopedia of New York State, "Henry Cruger: Member of Parliament and New York State Senator"

Robert F. Jones, Fordham University, "William Seton: Loyalist and Hamiltonian"


Biographers in Waiting!

Sara Gronim, "Jane Colden"
Sean O'Mara, "Matthew Visscher: Revolutionary Operative"

Marynita Anderson, "Dr. Richard Bayley: Reluctant Loyalist"
Joseph Tiedemann, "Thomas Jones"
Wanda Burch, Mohawk Valley
Jane Mackintosh, "John Thurman"
Stefan Bielinski, "Evert Wendell"

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