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Listed below, are links to websites that offer substantial information on the history of the city of Albany, New York. It is meant to be inclusive yet selective. At this point, the prime criteria for inclusion are focus and accessibility - online and consistently functional. Soon, this page will be restricted to semi-permanently available and dynamic/developing expositions. But for now, we are considering each of the following Internet-based offerings (websites) as somewhat unique and historically interesting. Links are arranged roughly chronologically.

This listing has grown since first posted early in 2013. In fact, we have not been able to keep pace with the new and changing features that come online at an increasing rate. We need help here. Thus, we are reaching out to all of you who encounter this page. Please get involved beginning by contacting us with suggestions!

Wikipedia History of Albany, New York

Comprehensive overview of the city's history with links to relevant Wikipedia-based expositions from Seeking more information on its principal author - an important contributor to Albany's online history. Year launched: 2009. Creator: Wikipedia contributors.

The People of Colonial Albany Live Here Website

A comprehensive, Internet-based exposition on the city of Albany's first two centuries from the Colonial Albany Social History Project. Website goal is to consider every person, place, and thing relevant to the early Albany story. Year launched: 1999. Creator: Stefan Bielinski

Albany History, 1777 to 1861

Features database driven information from the period in five categories: bibliography, real property, people, chronology, and archives. The chronology section currently is the most developed and features verbatim entries from Munsellís "Notes from Newspapers." Other historical events from the period provide local, state, national, and world perspective, with emphasis, on items of interest to or impact on Albanians. The "People" section has a searchable database by person, occupation, or address as given in the first City Directory (1813). Year Launched: 2012. Creator: John Mc Clintock

Albany History

A substantial and dynamic compilation of sometimes daily blogs and historical expositions on the history and look of Albany. Features engaging photographic documentation of historic events. A wide range of topics are considered under this general heading. Particularly notable is the section titled Albany Rural Cemetery - History In Photos - although the overall site invites exploration. Launched: 2009. Creator: Paula Lemire. See her handy and useful access page entitled The Albany History Page @

Tivoli Times

The promising first issue (April 2010) of an online newsletter from the Albany County Hall of Records. Features must see historical offerings on the city's history. At least nine issues have appeared to date. Deputy Director Craig Carlson is its editor. Index to issues available online.

Albany History Then and Now

A new, tablet or smart phone-driven resource activated via an app. Abridged description: "Have you ever walked around downtown Albany and been impressed with the architecture or wondered what an Albany streetscape looked like years ago? To find out - make your way to downtown Albany. Open the "Albany: Then & Now" app on your mobile phone and click on the "View Map" button. On the map, the red arrows reference the more than 130 historical photographs in our collection. Each arrow shows where sometime in the past a photographer stood and took a picture of the cityís landscape. Most of the photographs are around 100 years old." Further instructions using ITunes.
Android (Google) access. Year Launched: unknown but recent. Creators: Troy Web Consulting; Tim Varney.

Underground Railroad History

From the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc. Primarily but not exclusively focused on the URR and the city of Albany. Historical links. Year Launched: 2009. Creators: Paul and Mary Liz Stewart .

The Story of Albany

Online memories by residents recalling their pasts in the city. This initiative represents a tip of the resource iceberg! Companion to the book. From the Times Union. Hosted by historian/journalist Paul Grondahl.

Friends of Schuyler Mansion

Website of the Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site support group. These sites interpret the life and home of General Philip Schuyler (1733-1804). Includes historical expositions, walking tour audios, and many illustrations. Launched: ? Website Creator: ?

The Neighborhood that Disappeared

Video narrative exposition (5:23) with some textual explanation and supplementary materials on the section of Albany that was destroyed by the creation of Nelson Rockefeller's Empire State Plaza (formerly the "South Mall" 1959-76). Launched: ? Website Creator: Mary Paley and others.

History of the Avenue: Central Avenue - Albany's Uptown

Illustrated narrative history of a major city street produced by by the Central Avenue BID. City-centered section of New York State Route 5. Launched 2013?

Back to the Future: An Illustrated History of The University at Albany

Based on the official history of the University from 1844 to present written by Professor Kendell A. Birr (1924-2004). Year launched: 1996.

A History of Here

An informal blog focused on "Life in Albany, Past and Present." Contains a variety of historical information. Creator: Akum Norder.

All Over Albany

Daily posts on all things city of Albany. Not particularly "historesque" but worth a regular scan. Launch date: 2008. Creator: ? This might help explain.

The FBI in Albany

A part of the city's history and a downtown presence since at least 1918. Launched: 2013? No additional information on this site so far.


Occasional illustrated posts featuring historical tidbits on the history and lore of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy. See also My Non Urban Life. Launch date: Maybe 2011. Creator: Carl Johnson.

Online resources for Albany history

Albany County Hall of Records

Albany Institute of History and Art

Historic Cherry Hill

Ten Broeck Mansion (Albany County Historical Association)

New York State Archives

Albany Public Library

New York State Library

Albany Genweb

Albany City Historian

Leonard F. Tantillo - Albany's premier historical artist

Additional Albany history related Links from the Colonial Albany Social History Project.

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