Luykas G. Wyngaert


Luykas G. Wyngaert was born in January 1706. He was the son of Gerrit L. and Sara Visscher Wyngaert. He grew up a middle child of a large family in the home of an upper State Street merchant. With so many potential Luykas Wyngaerts at risk in the region during the eighteenth century, for now this sketch is confined to information referencing only "Luykas G. Wyngaert."

Perhaps this individual did not marry. That name seem to have been active in the activities of the Albany Dutch church during his lifetime.

Some qualitative information from his era exists for a "Lucas Wyngaert" but we hesitate in "fitting any of it" to this individual at this time.

In 1766, the "house of Luykes G. Wyngard" was valued on the Albany city assessment roll and would have been located on the hill above (west of) the settled core. See also community surveys such as a freholders' list from 1763. Another teaser for "Lucas Wyngard" alludes to more qualitative information.

Four individuals inconsistantly named Lucas and Wyngaert were listed among the Albany city freeholders in 1742.

We must step back from further development of a profile for this individual at this time.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Luykas G. Wyngaert is CAP biography number 6223. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. We seek further enlightenment before proceeding!

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