Anthony Wolf


Albany resident Anthony Wolf probably was born about 1740. He was a native of Germany. We seek defining information on his origins and path to Albany. Most frequently called "Anthony Wolf," he also was referred to as "Anthony Wolf Reylen." We are not certain that he is or is not distinct from the Albany father known as "John Wolf [Reylen]."

We seek information on his marital status. However, in June 1759, "a little girl [of] the Wolfs" was christened under the Albany Lutheran church.

In May 1761, the name of "Anthony Wolf" appeared on the roll of a militia company mustered at Albany and under the command of John Van Vechten. Unlike the detailed descriptions that accompanied most others named, the row for Wolf appears as blank.

In 1766, "Anthony Wolf's" house and property were valued modestly on the Albany assessment roll.

In January 1771, "Anthony Ryler," successfully petitioned the city to lease the house and lot where "Adam Dornbergh lives" at the rate of £8:4 for the year.

In October 1773, "Anthony Wolf Reylan" was involved in an Albany bribary case. From the subsequent investigation, the city council learned that he had been born in Germany and came "over" when he was 9 or 10. The council concluded that he had not been naturalized, had accepted a bribe to vote, and that his vote was invalid. However, an individual identified as "Anthony Wolf" was naturalized in Pennsylvania in 1763. A number of people with the surname "Wolf" were living in Pennsylvania at that time.

In 1779, his house and lot in the first ward was valued moderately.

After that, the name of Anthony Wolf has not yet been found in our sweeps of available resources except for a listing in 1790 as the head of a household in the town of Westchester (Westchester County).

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first posted: 5/10/12