Johannes Van Vechten
Stefan Bielinski

Johannes Van Vechten was born in June 1739. He was the second son of the seven children of Albany merchant Johannes Van Vechten, Jr. and his wife, Neeltie Beekman Van Vechten. He grew up in a businessman's home in the first ward. However, his father died in 1746 when Johannes was seven years old. In May 1762, he was identified as co-executor and heir in the will filed by his mother.

Prior to his twenty-second birthday, he married innkeeper's daughter Anna Williams in January 1762. Their only child was born in October.

Johannes became John Van Vechten when he embarked on a military career. He was commissioned a captain in the New York forces by the provincial governor in May 1759. That year, he commanded soldiers at Niagara and Oswego. Among his command responsibilities was the duty to recruit soldiers for service in his company. He remained on New York rolls until the end of fighting during the Seven Years War.

In 1761, he was commissioned a major in the New York Regiment that would be sent to the West Indies in 1762.

Johannes Van Vechten filed a will in May 1762. That document said he was "of Albany" but "now a major in the New York Forces." Directing that all debts should be paid, he named Anna executor and sole beneficiary. He was dead before the will passed probate in October 1763. His widow remarried in 1765. This John Van Vechten may not have lived twenty-four years.



the people of colonial Albany The life of Johannes Van Vechten is CAP biography number 2532. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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