William G. Vandenbergh


William G. Vandenbergh was born in 1728 and christened in the Albany Dutch church on December 8. He was the son of Gerrit and Alida Van Wie Vandenbergh. He was known as "William G. Vandenbergh" to help distinguish him from a number of similarly named individuals.

His wife was Agnietie Van Denbergh. He was a pewholder at the Albany Dutch church. Between 1748 and 1761, their six children (reflecting traditional naming practices) were christened in Albany where he also was a frequent baptism sponsor.

From the 1740s on, substantial qualitative information on the Albany-based life of the "Williams" has not yet been assigned. However, the name of "William G. van den bergh" was included on a list of Albany freeholders for 1763.

In 1790, the household of a "Wilhelmus Van der bergh" was configured on the Watervliet census.

William G. Vandenbergh was buried from the church in April 1796. His widow was alive in 1800 and listed as the householder in the Watervliet home.

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