Christina Voorhees Lansing


According to family-based resources, Christina Voorhees was born in June 1774. At this point, we offer that she was the daughter of John Voorhees of New Jersey.

In August 1971, the bride was called "Miss" Christina Voorhees when she married one Abraham D. Lansing in New Brunswick, New Jersey but under the auspices of the Flatbush Reformed Church in Kings County (Brooklyn). If family-based birth resources are correct, the couple may have been in their mid-teens at the time of their marriage.

However, we do know that the marriage produced at least three children. A number of events involving her appear in the records of the Albany Dutch church beginning during the 1790s. A daughter was christened in Albany in 1802.

This Lansing family settled in Albany where Abraham was in business and enjoyed the support of numerous Lansing kin. Christina's family was numerous as well but located mostly in New Jersey and downriver New York.

Her marriage ended when Abraham D. Lansing died after contracting a fever at the end of September 1805.

Christina Voorhees Lansing is said to have died in December 1816. Perhaps, letters of administration were issued on her estate in Albany in September 1817. We seek more definitive information on her later life and passing. Thus, she would have lived only forty-two years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Christina Voorhees Lansing has not been assigned CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 1/30/12