The Sixberry family of early Albany seems to have descended from the children of Nicholas and Maria Sixberry. By the 1800s, the family name had evolved to "Sigsbee."

Evert lived in Albany during the middle decades of the eighteenth century and raised a large family. His brother, Billy, had a shorter life.


The "Manassah" branch of the family established itself in Schenectady.

By 1790, four Sixberry-named families resided in surrounding Watervliet but the name had disappeared from the city census.

In 1815, laborer William "Sigsby" was living in the rear of 153 N. Market Street.

Since then, the Sixberry name has spread across New York and the United States. Especially interesting today, is the energy directed to family genealogy as shown on the Internet.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: Our presentation on the Sixberry family of early Albany is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.
Internet resources: 1; 2; are conflicting but very thoughtful!
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first posted: 12/20/06