Philip Ph. Schuyler


Philip Ph. Schuyler was born in February 1668. He was the eighth son born to the marriage of New Netherland pioneers Philip Pieterse and Margarita Van Slichtenhorst Schuyler. Sometimes called "Captain" and/or "Philip Schuyler, Jr.," this individual grew up in the large and pre-eminent family of Albany and its environs.

In May 1683, he was among those named as heirs of the estate of his parents. At that time, he was seventeen years old. Philip Pieterse died the next year leaving widow Margarita as sole parent and manager of extensive holdings in Albany and beyond.

In August 1687, he married Elizabeth De Meyer of New York City. She was a younger child of the wealthy former mayor of New York City. That marriage produced only two children before Elizabeth's death in 1712. Their only surviving son became a prominent Schenectady mainliner. In May 1719, widower "Philippus" married a somewhat younger widow Catharina Scherp (Brouwer). That union would have been childless.

He is said to have lived in Kingston, New York, Albany, and Schenectady.

Probably in 1707, he was bequeathed an equal share of his mother's estate.

Philip Philipse Schuyler died in Schenectady in May 1724. He had lived but fifty-six years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Philip Ph. Schuyler is CAP biography number 1743. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. See this online narrative for a more expansive discussion of his life.

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