Margaret Stevenson Fowler


Margaret Fowler was the wife of newcomer businessman William Fowler. We expect that she was the daughter of Albany resident Samuel Stevenson family and was born during the 1770s. She probably lived most of her life in Albany. However, potential Stevenson parents present a number of possibilities including that she was not from the Albany family founded by James Stevenson a half century earlier.

Margaret is said to have married William Fowler in 1796. Their son, "Samuel Stevenson Fowler," was christened in Albany in 1799. Another son became a prominent cleric. In August 1818, their daughter became the first wife of jurist Samuel A. Foote. Another son (William) died in 1823. These Fowlers were members of the Albany Presbyterian church.

Mrs. Margaret Fowler's home was listed in the city directories beginning in 1813, at 33 Court (later 409 South Market) Street.

During the early 1800s, William and Margaret were involved in a number of transactions regarding Albany real estate.

Margaret Fowler died in January 1852. The newspaper noted she had lived 76 years. Her husband survived until 1861.

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first posted: 2/20/12