Elizabeth Roseboom Gansevoort


Elizabeth Roseboom was born at the end of 1768 and christened at the Schenectady Dutch church. She was the daughter of John H. and Susanna Veeder Roseboom. Subsequent resources and an extensive, family-based profile confirm this individual as the daughter of John Roseboom. That reminiscient resource - published almost fifty years after her death recalls her demeanor and temperment so characteristic of what we call traditional sources.

She is said to have grown up in Albany but moved with her family to Canajoharie where her father transferred his business within a few years of 1790.

Elizabeth married Albany native and recent Mohawk Valley newcomer Conrad Gansevoort in December of 1791. By 1810, the marriage had produced eight children.

In December 1795, she was identified as the daughter of John Roseboom and one of the heirs of bachelor Barent Roseboom. She was bequeathed a fifth share of his net estate.

Probably beginning about the time of their marriage, her husband operated a store near Fort Plain. By 1815, however, these Gansevoorts had returned to Albany to a home on Montgomery Street.

Conrad Gansevoort died in 1829 while visiting kin in Bath, Steuben County. Elizabeth Roseboom Gansevoort survived for another two decades. We seek information on her widowhood. She died in January 1850 at the home of her son-in-law in Monmouth, County, New Jersey. She had lived for eighty-one years.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Elizabeth Roseboom Gansevoort has not been assigned a CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A chapter in the family history published in 1897 is entitled "Elizabeth Roseboom Gansevoort and Descendnts." A variation of those historical tales appears online as well.

first posted: 6/20/12