Geertruy Lansing Schuyler


Geertruy Lansing was born in 1748 or in 1749. There is some question about whether her father was Gerrit I. or Gerardus Lansing. In any event, she was an Albany native.

In January 1767, she was eighteen when she married the slightly older Pieter Schuyler, Jr. at the Albany Dutch church. Their daughter was christened there in January 1769. Subsequent records mentioned a surviving son but he has not yet been accounted for in Albany baptismal records.

After living in Albany and at the Flats, by the 1780s, these Schuylers relocated to the Mohawk Valley where their Palatine household consisted of four men, a woman, and nine "other free persons" in 1790.

Pieter P. Schuyler, Jr. of Palatine filed a will in 1786. It named Gertrude as his heir. He died in 1792. Widow Gertrude is said to have married "Major" Charles Newkirk. He seek information on her later life and passing.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Geertruy Lansing Schuyler is CAP biography number 3313. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

An antiquarian source noted that: "Miss Gertrude Schuyler was the only child of Gerardus Lansing, whose wife was Maria Schuyler. Mrs. Gertrude Schuyler and her husband, Peter Schuyler, were first cousins. Miss Lansing was born in Albany about the year 1749. She was educated at a French boarding school in the "Bowerie," New York. On the death of her husband, Mrs. Schuyler married Major Charles Newkirk, as above stated. Aged people pronounce Mrs. Newkirk the most remarkable and accomplished woman, of her day, residing in the Mohawk Valley."

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