Daniel Hallenbeck


Daniel Hallenbeck was born in December 1727. He was the second son of Hendrick and Susanna Bradt Hallenbeck. He grew up in the very large family of a first ward yeoman who owned extensive real property just beyond the south side of settled early Albany. Daniel probably was named for his maternal grandfather.

In November 1757, he was appointed firemaster for the first ward. However, a month later he was removed from that post as he was "out of town."

This Albany native appears to have married twice. By the early 1750s, Daniel had married Albany native Hendrickie Hilton. After bearing two children, she was buried from the Albany church in September 1755. In April 1759, he posted a "marriage bond" to wed Catharina Quackenbush. At that time, he was identified as a merchant of Albany city. Through two marriages he was the father of at least nine children - most of whom were christened at the Albany Dutch church between about 1750 and 1765.

In March 1762, "Daniel Hallenbeck of Albany" was among those receiving a patent for 10,000 acres located north of the Manor and east of Hoosick.

In 1764 he was named among the eight living direct heirs destined to share in the large Albany estate of his father following the death of their mother. His mother lived until 1787.

In 1779, the real property of Daniel and also of a "Daniel Jr." (located within the Hallenbeck family holdings in Albany) was valued on the first ward assessment roll

Perhaps (or not) he was the Daniel Halenbeck whose Halfmoon holdings were taxed modestly in 1766. However, additional same named individuals are at-risk for eastern Albany County during that time.

In July 1778, "Daniel Halenbeck" was among those residents of "Maple Town" who were to be called by the Albany Commissioners to testify against Tory Simon Fraser.

In 1790, the household of a Daniel Hallenbeck was configured on the census for Hoosick and included three males over 16, four boys under 16, and five females.

At this point, we cannot connect or rule out the possibilities of connecting the Daniel Hallenbecks at risk in greater Albany County. Exercising caution in the assignment of qualitative information, we move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Daniel Hallenbeck is CAP biography number 5256. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

This character and his son Daniel Jr. (born in 1750) appear to have been the only Daniels at-risk in the city at that time.

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