George Golden


Spelled and referred to variously, we have established that George Golden was an Afro-Albanian who lived in Albany from at least 1815 until his death during the cholera epidemic of 1832.

A notice from the Albany Gazette dated August 25, 1832, stated that he died of cholera, was 70 years old, and resided at 11 Van Tromp Street. Thus, his birth date would be approximately in 1762. We seek particulars regarding his origins and prior life.

In 1815, his name (Golen) first appeared in the city directory. He was identified as a laborer and a resident of 51 Fox Street. His name was italicized meaning that he was a "free person of color." Perhaps he was son (or other kin) of one George Golden, the slave of widow Cornelia Price, who was freed on June 3, 1807. At that time, the elder George was 86 years old. Also, perhaps he was connected to a "Widow Golden" whose name (not italicized) appeared in the city directories in 1815 and 1816 and who lived in the rear of 77 Beaver Street. His name (still italicized) appeared in subsequent directories at varied (yet close by) addresses until at least 1830 when he was identified as a laborer at 4 Fox Street.

In 1820 (Golden identified as free black, 1 older male, 2 females) and in 1830 (Gaulden), his household was configured on the Albany census for the second ward.

Afro-Albanian George Golden was dead two years later.

Following our most recent sweep of Internet-based resources under several likely spellings, and with basic questions still unresolved, we move on for now.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of George Golden has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Surname variants: Also encountered = Golen, Gaudlin;

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