Felix Graham

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Felix Graham probably was born before 1740. In March 1762, a legal document called him a "merchant of Albany."

In 1766, an Albany assessment roll taxed his assets substantially - placing him clearly in the top five percent of the community. However, his presence in Albany during the 1760s made only the slightest impression the community record.

During the 1770s, he was said to have been the partner of Peter Pond - a trader and adventurer of the Old Northwest. It appears that Graham brought trade goods from New York to the Great Lakes where Pond moved them to regional customers.

During the war years, his name has not been found in New York sources. Also, no family connections are apparent to any of the prominent Graham families of Albany and greater New York.

He seems to have been a Montreal-based merchant at the end of the War for Independence. In 1785, he was identified as "of Montreal" when he joined in a petition to the provincial Assembly regarding his boatload of sugar that was carried away by river rapids.

In 1790, the first Federal census for Saratoga identified Felix Graham as the head of a household with a total of five inhabitants.

Felix Graham is said to have died before 1794 and to have left a widow.

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