John M. Flensburgh


John M. Flensburgh was born in November 1716. He was the son of Albany residents Matthew and Maria Van Zandt Flensburgh. He grew up in a tradesman's home on a back street in Albany's first ward.

In August 1741, he married Rensselaerswyck native Cornelia Hooghteling at the Albany Dutch church. By 1769, ten children had been christened in Albany.

Like other Flensburgh family members, John M. Flensburgh was a middling tradesman. His home was in Albany's first ward where he followed his father as a contractor and in civic service as a firemaster in 1741. The next year and in 1763, he was counted among Albany's freeholders.

John M. Flensburgh lived at least until 1769. After that, his name dropped from Albany rolls.

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first posted: 7/30/06