Johannes M. De Garmo


Johannes M. De Garmo was born in September 1724. He was the second son born into the large family of Albany-area residents Matthew and Rebecca Van Arnhem De Garmo.

In October 1751, he married Anna Kettel at the Albany Dutch church. By 1761, four children had been christened in Albany. However, all three of the first born were buried in the church by 1760.

At this point, we are not convinced that he was the Johannes De Garmo named in 1763 on a list of Albany freeholders; or who signed a constitution for the Albany Sons of Liberty in 1766; or whose property was valued on subsequent assessment rolls. We are careful to not confuse him with a somewhat younger John De Garmo.

We seek information on the later life and passing of Johannes M. De Garmo

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johannes M. De Garmo is CAP biography number 933. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 5/20/07