Hendrick Douw
Stefan Bielinski

Hendrick Douw was born about 1673. He was the son of New Netherland pioneers Volckert Janse and Dorotie Van Bresdtede Douw.

In 1697, he married Neeltje (Cornelia) Van Iveren Van Bergen - a widow who already had given birth to six children. By 1709, their six Douw children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church where he was a member, deacon, and frequent baptism sponsor. His pew seat later was transferred to his son, Johannes.

These Douws lived in Rensselaerswyck where Hendrick held several parcels of land - including a farm on Papskanee Island. Both he and Neeltie also owned houses in Albany. Hendrick's third ward dwelling was rented. He served as a constable for Rensselaerswyck. In 1715, he was a juror at the Albany court. His name appeared on a list of freeholders in Rensselaerswyck in 1720.

Hendrick Douw filed a will in 1749. It left real property east of the Husdon and substantial personal assets to his children and a smaller bequest to his wife. He died in May 1751.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Hendrick Douw is CAP biography number 2083. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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