Margaret Collins Holland
Stefan Bielinski

Margaret Collins was born in December 1715. She was the last child of garrison officer-turned-attorney John Collins and Albany native the widow Margarita Schuyler Verplanck.

By the mid-1730s, she had become the wife of frontier officer Hitchen Holland. Their family of six or more children were baptized in Albany churches in 1736 and between 1749 and 1756. Perhaps other children were born in the interim while Holland was on duty at Oswego or elsewhere.

Margaret probably died during the late 1750s as she was not mentioned in the will her husband filed in 1761.



the people of colonial Albany he life of Margaret Collins Holland is CAP biography number 7678. This spare profile has been derived rom family and community-based resources. We seek more definitive information about her death.

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first posted: 2001; last revised 9/10/02